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Today's News

Club friend and fellow animal lover, Heather Martin (Aaronson) and her husband, Jeff, are in need of our help. Their barn recently was destroyed in a fire. They sadly lost some pets, including chickens, but luckily, the horses were saved. They need many supplies and could really use our help. If you are able to assist in any way, kindly click on the attached link to see how you could aide this wonderful couple in their efforts to recover. Thank you!

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Can't go out to eat?!  NO PROBLEM!​  Texas Roadhouse has take-out, too!
Buy a gift card and give it, or keep it and immediately use it!  (That's what we do!) The club benefits from the purchase, and you get great food!
Tasty Fundraising Opportunity

Here are step by step directions:

From our homepage, click where it says, "click for link."

At the top, underneath QCABHA, click where it says, "shop online."

In the search box, type, "Texas Roadhouse" and then select it.

Click on the gift card option and then decide if you want a physical or digital card and choose your amount and quantity.

Click "buy now" and just follow the steps to complete your purchase using your card online!


Lidia Taylor clinic has been MOVED to Lost Grove Stables.  Please click on the "clinics" heading under the "Events" tab above to see the details!
2023 Showbills are now posted under the "Events" tab under "Shows!"

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