in Memory of Paula Williamson

Quad City All Breed Horse Association is proud to once again be offering a scholarship program for people involved in this

club, the community of horses and the community in general. This is a cash scholarship paid directly to the institution of

the recipient’s choice or to the individual based on availability. This scholarship is funded by the efforts of the club

members and by donations in the memory of Paula Williamson. Paula was a staunch supporter of youth and their

activities and a huge advocate for QCABHA. We are honored to offer this scholarship in her name.

Scholarship Requirements

1.  This scholarship is available to anyone in our community, with special consideration given to QCABHA

members, and/ or horse activity involved people.

2.  Applicants must possess a high school diploma or GED.

3.  Applicants must be enrolled with a minimum of 6 credit hours with a status of incoming freshman or

current full or part time student at a university, college, junior college or technical school. Applicant may

also be an adult wishing to take a Continuing Education course at any of the above mentioned

institutions. Institution contact info must accompany application.

4.  The QCABHA Board shall determine the scholarship amount and the number of recipients annually. If

no one meets the criteria for an award, no scholarship shall be given and monies will remain in the

account until qualified applicants appear. Monies will be awarded at our December Awards banquet.

5.  Scholarship applications are available on www.qcabha.com, in our newsletters, and upon request at

shows and events. Contact our secretary at slidenryde@aol.com for a form.




QCABHA Scholarship Committee

PO Box 555, Milan Il 61264

The following criteria will be used: (possible 140 points)

  Years of QCABHA involvement- up to 20 points ( as a member)

  Years of horse community involvement in other organizations- up to 20 points

  Grade Point Average-up to 20 points

  Five year Plan-up to 20 points

  Financial need- up to 20 points ( looking for hardship evidence)

  Letters of recommendation – up to 20 points

  Volunteer hours at a QCABHA show- minimum 8 hours -up to 20 points

7.  Applicants will be required to turn in (in their own hand writing or typed), a written application with their

letters of recommendation (limit three). Applicants may turn their items in personally and address the

Board at that time if desired. We will also be looking at your sportsmanship and community


8.  Applicants are required to work as a volunteer at a QCABHA show during 2019. Hours are logged and

reported. You are not allowed to have another person work for you; it is your sole responsibility.

Click here for the scholarship form  ------------->

 Here is a printable/shareable link to share information about our scholarship with potential supporters.  Feel free to share!  If you are interested in helping support our scholarship fund, this link is a great way to get started!  Thank you for your interest in our club's mission!